- Don't Park your Domains. Stay in Orbit! -

ParkingOrbit by @Space™ isn't, despite the name, a domain "Parking" program.
Instead, it is a tool to quickly create content-rich web sites were the revenue is earned via targeted Google AdSense™ ads.
Because of this, you need to have your own Google AdSense™ account to be able to use ParkingOrbit. The revenue is paid directly to you by Google™, not by ParkingOrbit. ParkingOrbit is a tool to create Adsense web sites, not for traditional parking.
Because the created web sites are content rich and constantly updated automatically, your domain will keep or increase it's page rank, and stay indexed by the search engines, as opposed to many parking programs.
You can also advertise and link to your domains as much as you want, since it's a real web site and not a parking page.

Keep Your domains in the loop! - ParkingOrbit™