- ParkingOrbit™ Frequently Asked Questions -

ParkingOrbit™ is a tool to quickly create content-rich web sites. It is an alternative to "Domain Parking" for internet domain owners who want to earn revenue from their domains in a simple way.
We create and host your sites, and you make money!

ParkingOrbit™ is ideal for you who has one or more internet domain names for which you haven't had the time and/or resources to develop into a web site, but still want to be able to get some revenue from the domain. Maybe you now use, or consider to use, a traditional "Domain Parking" service. Then ParkingOrbit™ is for you!
Currently ParkingOrbit™works best for web sites in the English language.

Since the created web sites are content rich and constantly updated automatically your domain has a greater chance to keep or increase it's page rank, and stay indexed by the search engines, as opposed to most parking program where it's almost certainly will lose it's page rank, and may have issues getting or staying indexed by the seach engines.
As opposed to traditional parking programs you may also link to, and advertise your web sites, as much as you want.

The revenue is earned via targeted Google AdSense™ ads. You must have your own Google AdSense™ account, and the revenue is paid directly to you by Google, just as with any other web site where you display AdSense ads.

Yes, you can! The generated page has an area where you can add custom content, via the administration system. You can even add affiliate links/banners and similar, but not show ads from any other advertising network besides AdSense™.
You can also add a custom picture in the header area.

Currently you can customize the font type, font color for several different types of text, link color, etc. You can set the backgroud colors for the header of the page, and for the main part of the page. As mentioned above you can add a picture in the header area, and immediately below the header (before the auto generated content) you have an area which is almost completely customizable, with almost any content you want. (Except content which breaks our or Googles Terms or Policies.)
You also have an option to show an "inquiry" link, if you are putting the domain/site up for sale.

The generated web page has a basic template, designed to work in almost any browser. In the future we plan to add several options of templates, but for now the template is fixed.

You get the visitor/click/earnings report directly in your Google™ AdSense account, and it's possible to add a Google™ Analytics code to get detailed information about where visitors come from, which pages the look at, etc, via the Google™ Analytics system. Google™ Analytics is provided by Google™, just as Adsense™ is.

Since Google™ doesn't allow adult web sites to use their AdSense™ program, you can't use ParkingOrbit for adult web sites, or any other type of web site prohibited by Google to use with AdSense™ ads.

90% of the page views for your domain the ads shown are for your Adsense account, and you get paid when the visitors clicks the ads. 10% of the page views the ads shown have our ad code, and if any visitor clicks on the ad then, we get paid.

We will add a support ticket system to the site in the future. In the mean time you may reach us at the email address "questions (at) (our domain)".